Рыжая звезда двух континентов
Эта малышка не знала, какая огромная компания людей делает все, чтобы она попала домой!
Red Star of two continents
This little girl didn't know that it took a village to get her a forever home!
Roxy, a Russian Hound
Dagestan - Vancouver
Roxy is a cheerful, joyful little girl who has had a lot of travels in her short life. She was born in June 2021 in Dagestan. Their mom's owner threw out the whole litter. It was only Roxy who survived - she was picked up by tourists at the age of two weeks who brought her to a private shelter.
Roxy was brought to a foster family in Moscow and we tried to move her to Vancouver. It only worked on the 5th try! Planes were canceled one after another, Roxy's fellow traveler caught covid, and Lufthansa Airlines forgot to check in the puppy for the flight and left Roxy in St. Petersburg, from where she had to be returned to Moscow again and transported to Istanbul... As as a result of the efforts of several good people, our baby is happily living in a loving family in the city of Golden, BC.

  • Aida Akueva, Dagestan curator
    Our red-haired baby has experienced so much in her short life, she has seen so much! Such a number of cities and countries, adventures and acquaintances, not every person gets in his life. It also had many difficulties. But in the end, Roxy got the most wonderful hosts. I'm very happy for her.
  • Anastasia, Moscow curator
    We look at the photos and we are happy for Roxy and Yana! It's so beautiful there in BC, and it seems to me that Roxy is feeling well, she fits in greatly!
  • Sonya, Moscow curator
    For me, Roxy's story was a good way to improve my corporate communications skills. In February, Lufthansa forgot to register the second half of her flight and it became clear that the puppy was staying in Russia. Just at this time, hostilities began and European airlines stopped flying, it took us a lot of effort to convince the German carrier to help us still deliver the puppy to Canada. Many thanks to the Grigoryan family who helped bring Roxy from Istanbul!

    And thanks to Roxy, we became friends with her new owner, Yana. She is absolutely wonderful! Good luck, Roxy!
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