Sir Paddington
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Sir Paddington Fluffy came to Moscow from a basement in Dagestan

Adopting your first dog is not an easy decision: what if I can’t handle it? What if it doesn't work out? You can try yourself as an owner by offering foster care to one of the shelter dogs, providing socialization and house training for pets that are waiting to find their forever homes. This is how Olesya got Paddy.

Olesya offered to become a foster mom for a dog named Stephan - and coped with this task perfectly. And soon she realized that she was ready to have her very own dog.

100Tails helped Olesya find the pet of her dreams!

Meet Paddington
Slum child
Olesya wanted to get herself a small fluffy dog. On the streets of Makhachkala, we quickly found a cute, curly female dog whom Olesya named Fifa. But when Aida, the head of the rescue, tried to catch Fifa, it turned out that she had puppies! Fifa was hiding them from human eyes in an abandoned basement.
In the end, we decided not to tear the puppies away from their mommy, and one of the puppies was sent to Olesya.
Aida put the fluffy puppy in a cage and sent him to Olesya on a train, in a warm baggage car. That's how Paddington got his name!
First days at home
Olesya met the puppy at the station - and work began: first of all, she gave him a proper bath and treated him for worms and ectoparasites. Then it was time for vaccinations and training.
Paddy immediately recognized Olesya as his mom, and they were inseparable from the first day.
One day, Olesya took her grown dog to the fields where Birdies, Scottish shepherd dogs, were frolicking. And it turned out that Paddy and this breed were like two peas in a pod - not only in appearance but also in habits.
plush giant
Paddy grew up quickly, and now he is a huge shaggy dog whom everyone cuddles and hugs. He loves to take long walks and swim in puddles, is friendly and polite with other dogs, and adores his Mom.

“I didn’t think that I would dare to take a dog from the street, but Stepan completely changed my mind during the holidays. Stray Dogs can be affectionate, gentle, and very smart. There is no need to be afraid of - you only need to love” - Olesya, Paddington’s adopter
Paddington's Rescue Team
  • Aida, Head of Phoenix Animal Shelter
    I am so happy for Olesya and Stepan! They were meant for each other. And, of course, I do not lose hope of finding hosts for Fifa. I often meet her on the streets, I really want to find her a home.
  • Sonya, Coordinator
    A true friend loves you in any way. He is proud of your plush beauty and laughs at how you swim in puddles. Because that's a true love - knowing when your dog is happy. I enjoy receiving greetings from Paddington, sent by his mommy Olesya Sidorova!
  • Olesya, Paddy's Adopter
    This summer, Paddington saw a flock of sheep for the first time - and immediately began to herd them: he drove them into the pen as if he had been doing this all his life. In general, we found out that Paddy is a bearded collie, popularly known as Beardie. Scottish shepherd, puppies cost 1500-2000 EUR. How such a rare breed come from in Makhachkala, one can only guess!
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