This dog started the 100 Tails project
How One Spaniel Changed Hundreds of Lives

Max is a Cocker Spaniel who was the first to make his way from the outskirts of the Dagestan city of Khasavyurt to Vancouver, BC. It was the first rescue network we created to help him get home. Max connected people in different countries and became a small symbol of the 100 Tails community.

Max: The Story
"First I Saw This Photo"
“Searching for a home!” - read the caption under this photo on Facebook. Actually, Sonya was searching for a cat to adopt. But she realized something had to be done when she looked at this picture. The dog has been abandoned in the woods, and the person who rescued him didn't even care to feed Max. He kept him on a chain, hoping that the hunting dog would guard the house.
Sonya contacted the shelter owner, Aida Akueva, to explore the opportunity to bring Max to Canada. It turned out that the dog was living 10 thousand miles away - In Dagestan...
But this didn't stop Sonya.
And that's how it started.
Getting Ready
Like all Spaniels, Max has big, dreamy eyes, an impish personality, and an excellent accommodating character. He stoically endured life on the street and the first unsuccessful adoption, which resulted in him being chained. In Aida's house, he never quarreled with cats or kids.
All the vaccinations, sterilization, and a trip to Moscow, our cocker handled calmly as a royal.
We arranged all the necessary paperwork and successfully passed all the vet checks.
But then there COVID-19 happened...
Long Way Home
Lockdown messed up all the plans. Sonya's friend, who was traveling to Canada and agreed to become a travel companion for Max, had to postpone her flight. The second flight to Vancouver was also canceled, so Max had to stay in Moscow for almost 6 months. We were lucky that he ended up in a friendly family who loved him dearly. But finally, we managed to find a travel volunteer, and the long-awaited flight Moscow - Amsterdam - Vancouver succeeded! Hello, Max!
When our friends heard this story, they also started adopting dogs and cats from shelters from abroad, helping each other and exchanging experiences. We created a rescue community and continue to help pets and their owners.
  • Sonya
    Max very quickly fitted our family and became its important member. But, more importantly, during this journey we learned a lot about the pet travel workflow. Now our black cocker is a symbol of the whole movement!
  • Aida
    Max is my favorite boy, my sweet black muzzle. Thanks to him Sonya and I got to know each other and were able to do a lot of good deeds together! So many pets have we adopted, and so many of them have we helped! Thank you, Max!
  • Natalie, veterinary doctor
    Preparing Max for the flight was the first experience that was very useful for my future work. I am now an expert on animal immigration. Ensure you have your pet’s documents when traveling internationally and returning home - and let them enjoy their travels with you!
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