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We help pets from Ukraine to fly home
Animal shelter in Lviv, Ukraine
Since the beginning of the war, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to leave the country to save their lives. Many of them could not take their pets with them. Many pets have lost their owners. Foundation Union helps those pets find a new loving home or foster care.

Since 2022, our colleagues at Foundation Union organized a small pet shelter in the city of Lviv, where they provide cats and dogs with veterinary care and paperwork to help them reunite with their families or find a new home abroad.

In this shelter, pets are being looked after by the vets and volunteers. They are prepared for travel to the EU and North America (including rabies tests, microchipping, vaccination, and travel passports). The shelter co-operates with several vet hospitals and leading veterinary specialists.

The shelter, together with 100 Tails community members, also assists those who want to travel abroad with their pet but do not have the money for all the necessary documents. Volunteers help to prepare pets for their journey and to find a travel angel.

They provide all the necessary vaccinations and chipping and make a pet's passport: everything that is needed so that people are not forced to leave their pets and can travel together.

Meet Slava, a cat from a small town in Ukraine. She was one of the first pets who made it from Lviv (UA) to New York (US) with the help of 100 Tails rescue network. It took a village to deliver Slava to her new home, but now she is safe and happy in her new family

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